All Design Drives

All Design Drives are a Dublin based company that serve the entire Dublin region and the surrounding areas. They offer a  great service at competitive prices for all your paving, tarmac, imprint concrete, gravel and driveway needs. They give unbeatable value and service to all their clients. Check them out now at Imprint Concrete

City Wide Roofers

City Wide Roofers are a Dublin based company that serve the entire Dublin region and the surrounding areas. They offer a  great service at competitive prices for all your roofing and guttering needs. They give unbeatable value and service to all their clients. Check them out now at  Roofing Repairs Dublin

Total Paving Solutions


Great quality company that is doing driveways, patios and landscaping the last 20 years for the local areas of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Local company that has over 3 generations of family working in it. Covering a wide range of services including
Concrete | Landscaping | Driveways | Patios & Walkways | Retaining Walls | Edges| Paving | And a lot more ……


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Improvement of Finances and Savings

Is anyone out there probing on tips to save money? Tips cannot be totally effective if not exploited on a daily basis. Finance and savings strategies should be practiced on a continuous basis for a long-term intent. Long-term strategies provide a full advantage of the process. Long-term strategies should be made part of the daily routine and this will make it easier to accomplish the set goals. The following are strategies to help in achieving finance and savings goals.

Hold on to daily change- the tip is effective with time. Put aside a large container to drop in daily change. Keep on dropping the daily change while watching the savings grow. Though the money might not be a lot, you still have the chance to save plenty of cash through commitment for a long period of time with hardly any effort.

Put down a financial budget your bills in writing- monitoring the debts in writing provides a larger picture of pending bills and assists on making the budget. This will also help to avoid the tendency of overlooking bills which usually results into undesirable late cost. This finance and saving tip helps in having a better look at the pending debts and deciding on the exact amount to be set away and saved after settling the debts. Keep on adding money into the set account.

Settle on generic rather than name brands- generic brands aids in saving a large amount of money. Many generic brands give exact quality as named brands and they cost less. Deciding wisely on generic and store brands purchase can result into amazing extra money kept into the pocket.

Buy your clothes at the end of season sales- clothes expense absolutely adds up. Products which are bought at every end of season’s sale are always less expensive compared to the rest of the season. Many people can save extra cash on their wallets over time if he or she gets his or her clothing along with their children’s resulting into improved finance and savings.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is an insurance related to the life or death of the man, or the care of the funeral of the man. Life insurance can pay the death of the insured, whether or not for a specific date or just on survival of the insured at a certain date. A life insurance can also be a mixture of both.

What types of life insurance are there?
At the close of a insurance one can choose from several types:
1. Assurance on survival: This means that the benefit is paid if the insured on the agreed date is still alive. If the insured die anyway before that date, the allowance will not be paid.
2. The endowment: This means that the benefit is paid on the agreed date.
3. Insurance on fixed term: This means that benefit will always be paid even if the insured is no longer alive at the end.
4. Assurance on survival: This means that the premium deposit, plus the return if any, will be issued.

In what way insurance is benefit?
The benefit of life insurance is in two ways:
– Distributing life at death: The payment of a insurance policy can be made when the insured is deceased. The survivors, called beneficiaries, will receive this benefit.
– Death benefit: The benefit, in case of the insured lives to be paid on or after the agreed date.

Can I redeem my insurance too?
– Take the entire value at one time and stop insurance.
– The value in parts may be transferred. Disadvantage is that the value will decrease as the insurance still goes through.

Regular premium or single premium
Typically, the policyholder pays the premium periodically, e.g. monthly or annually. The premium can be paid all at once (this is called a purchase). A combination is also possible: there is a certain amount initially deposited and then a periodic premium.

Costs that are usually found in a contract of insurance are often expressed as a percentage of the amount invested and may be:
•Expense payment also called entry fee, paid once at the time of payment and assigns a percentage of funds;
•administrative expenses, are paid annually on the account;
•costs of arbitration , paid when changing media investment in a multichannel contract;
•administrative fees, which pay the administrative act of registration of the contract. These are rare.

A great way to see exactly how much you stand to pay is by using a loan calculator. By doing so, you can quickly reference exactly how much you will need to pay each month, as well as seeing the various features that are included in your premium.

How to Save on Life Insurance

Life insurance is pretty much like any other product or service out there in that it has variable policies to cater for different needs that an individual may have. This being the case, they also differ in the cost and people who are informed can save significantly if they make wise choices. The recommendation for all life insurance shoppers is to ensure that they do a thorough comparison of the available policies before making any decision.

When it boils down to comparison of the best life policy deals, there is no better choice than one that has your interest at heart. This means that if you have a certain budget, your insurance choice should offer you a flexible and manageable quote. More to identifying the right policy, it is very crucial for you to practice healthy living in order to keep your premiums low. Practices that put your life at rick will not do your policy any good and may even become unmanageable in the end.

By careful reason and planning, you do not need anybody to tell you how much of a big step life insurance is. You should be able to reason and understand that you only need to buy it when it is absolutely necessary. For young folks who have no major financial responsibilities, it may be cheaper to save through a bank rather than get life insurance. When it comes to coverage; the more you purchase, the higher the cost you will incur. As much as you may be eyeing leaving your loved one with sufficient funds, there is no financial sense purchasing unnecessary cover. The last but not least conclusive element to factor, is the terms of payment so that you capitalize on the benefits of advance payment or just get premium quotes that you can manage.

Life insurance is very important but you can avoid the burden by employing the above mentioned tips and advice.

Financial Advice for UK Saving

Just like life, the first step that you take to start your savings is the most significant one. The UK finance is tight now and saving is the last thing that any person can consider. However, when you start saving a little on a regular basis for a continuous period you will have a lots of cash to hope for. This will make all your struggles worthwhile.

One of the major reasons why people in the UK should save is to boost their retirement and to maintain a standard of living that is as high as possible in the years that follow. However, the rates for the past few years, the UK finance base rates have fallen to about 0.5% with some of the some savings accounts proposing rates that are inferior to this.

When one considers the UK finance base rates and the inflation rate which is now well above the 2% mark of the Bank of England, most savers actually see their spending ability being reduced on a daily basis. This is the major reason why most consumers in the UK prefer paying off high interest rates on loans as opposed to saving their own cash.

There are several options that individuals can deliberate on with regards to UK finance saving. However, you should fully utilize the tax-exempt to earn their benefits. You can obtain accounts such as ISA’s, which can either be in form of stocks, cash or shares. These accounts are free from tax and all the interest gathered is yours to keep.

When saving, ensure that you hold your cash for a reasonable period of time before you take the lump sum. This will enable your investments to rise steadily and withstand any ups or downs in stock markets. However, if you take your savings when the stock market is down then you will take home less money than you paid in.

Getting the cheapest UK life insurance policies can be very beneficial for you as you will save a lot of money on your premiums. The only bad thing is that your policy won’t be as comprehensive as it would if you decided to get a more expensive policy.

Were You Mis-Sold Finance

The claims on mis-sold finance payment protection insurance are rising as days go by. This is for now the biggest financial scandal that has faced UK in recent times. The big banks and lenders gave cash and other incentives to poorly trained agents so they could make maximum sales on PPIs any time they deal with customers.

The banks were not wrong in selling PPIs, but they did this in a bid to swindle customers their money. However this huge scheme was exposed and heavy fines have been charged on guilty parties. The public has been told to make claims on loans for mis-sold finances.

There are however guidelines given by the FSA with regard to eligibility to making a valid claim. These have been put forward to protect these banks from making any more loses than they should. You need to read and understand this criterion to tell truly that you were a victim of the mis-sold finance scandal by UK lenders.

If you were not informed of PPI charges being attached to your credit card or that it was compulsory to have the insurance, then you may gather your paper work and make a claim for the extra money paid to the bank. Most people did not have a source of income to protect at the time PPI was attached to their loan and so they are eligible to refunds.
Some big names in the financial sector are making daily refunds to clients who were sold the PPIs at the point of borrowing and so they felt pressed to take the offer that seemed worthwhile or look elsewhere.

The PPI insurance package was also sold to many people through the tactic of leaving out important details. They would omit information about the period the PPIs last and so clients pay more every time the PPI payment expires.
Banks have been instructed to make refunds of full amounts paid on such claims with as much as five thousand Euros refunded to one client. All that for being sold something you never needed or knew about.